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Index of W. Ross Ashby's Journal


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A Aberrations Abnormal behaviour Absolute system Absorbing state, in Markov chain Accessible state Accumulation (of adaptations) Achondroplasia Action Activity Adaptation Adaptive behaviour Addiction Additive adaptation Adjacency Affect Age Aging (as process) Aggregation Aggression Aim Alarm Algebra Algedonic Alpha rhythm Alternation Amasia Amines Amoeba Amplifier Amplification Amplitude limitation Analogy Analysis Anatomy Ancillary regulations Answer Anticipation Ants Application (Bourbaki) Arc Archer Army ASP ASS (Automatic Self-Strategizer) Association Associativity (mathematical) Asymmetry Atom Attention Auto-correlation Axiom Axon B Balance Basic pattern Basin Baudot code Bears Beginning Behaviour Between Bicycle Bilinear system Binary relations Binocular vision Bit (= binary digit) Black box, problem of the Blissard (calculus) Book Boolean algebra Brain Break Break surface Bremermann's limit Brick axiom Broadcast Broadcasting Brownian movement C Calculating machines Campbell's theorem Canalisation (Waddington) Canonical equations Canonical form Capacity Cause Central excitatory state Central inhibitory state Cerebral cortex Chain Channel Channel capacity Chasing Chatelier, Rule of Le Checkers Chemical dynamics Chemical garden Chess Child Chronaxy Chonaxy pattern Church's theorem Cipher Circularity Civil Service Class Clay Cleverness Closure Clumping Coursening Code Coding Coefficient Collapsing theorems Combinatorial dynamics Combinatorics Communication Compatibility Competition Complex equilibria Complex (Freudian) Complex variable Complexity Computing machines Conditionality Conditioned reflex Conduction, nerve Conflict Confluant Congruence Connexion Conscious mind Conservation of Complexity Consistency Constancy Constant intrinsic stability Constitution (political) Constraint Continuity Control Convergence (of lines of behaviour) Coordinates Coordination Copying Correlation Corespondence Cortex Cortex, motor Cortex, removal of Cortex, sensory Cortex, visual Costing Critical surface Cryptogram Curie's principle Currency Cycle Cylindrance D DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) Death Decay Decomposable Deduction Definition Degenerance, in system Degrees of freedom De-habituation Delay (in substitution) Demonstration Density in phase Dentist Dependence Deputy Derivative Design Design for a Brain Detailed Balancing, Principle of Determinate Diagram of immediate effects (D.I.E.) Dichotomy Difference Differential equation Differentiation Diffuse system Diffusion Digital computer Dimension Directive Directive correlation (Sommerhoff) Discrete Discontinuity Discrimination Dis-inhibition Disintegration Dispersion Display Distance Distinguishability Disturbance Divergence Domain Dominance Draughts (game of) Dream Dreams, day Dummy Dynamic system E ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) EEG (electroencephalogram) Effect, law of Efficiency Egyptian steam engine Eigen-theory Electroencephalogram Electron Emergent properties Emotion Encoding Energetics Energy England Ensemble Entropy Environment Epistemology Equilibrium Equivalence relation Ergodism Ernshaw's theorem Error Essential light of retina Essential variables Estimation Everywhere defined Evolution Excitation Expectation Experience Experiment Experimenter Explanation Exponential Extrapolation F Factorial Faculty Fatigue Feedback Feeding Feudal system Fibonacci's series Field (of substitution) Fixation Fleet, problem of the Force Forcing a variable Fringe Function Function rules Future Fuzzy set G Games Gating Geiger counter Gene General Staff Generation Genes Genius Geodetic path, postulate of Gestalt Goal Gödel's theorem Goldfish Graph Group (mathematical) Grundy function Gulliver H H Habituation Half-time of decay Hallucination Hamiltonian function Hawk He and She Helm incident Her Heredity Heuristic Hierarchy (of Bourbaki) History Holism Holography Homeostat Homeostasis Homogeneity Homomorphism Hour glass system Hunt and stick HYFI (Hydraulic Feedack Imitator) Hyohippus Hypnosis (mesmerism) I Ideal (mathematical) Identities Ignorance Imitation Immediate effect Immunity Implication Imprinting Impulse Impulse, nervous Impulse pattern Inaccessible (set of states) Incentive Independence Index (statistical) Indexed as far as Induction (gaining knowledge by induction) Induction (physiological) Infant Inference Information Inhibition Initial state Input Inscription Insight Insistance Instinct Instinct, sex Integral equation Integration (mathematical) Integration (physiological) Intelligence Interaction Interruption Introduction to Cybernetics Introspection Invariant Irreversible process Isolation Isomorphism Iterated systems J J - function (Ashby) Jacobian (determinant) Joining Jove's nod Juke box K Kernal relation (Riguet), =Noyau Kew certificate Kinaesthesia Kinematic graph Kinematics Knowing Knowledge L L(x+y) Lagrangian interpolation Laplace's equation: [?^2V=0] Laplace transformation Large system Latent roots Laterality Lattice Law of Reciprocity of Connexions Laws of nature Le Chatelier, principle of Learning Least Safe Capacity Levels Library Life Linear graph Linear system Linearly dependent process Linkage Liouville's theorem Liquid state Localisation Logic Logon Loop M Machine Magnet Magnitude Manure Mapping Markov process / chain Marriage Materialism Mathematics Matrix Maturity Max( ) (function) Maximal likelihood Maze Meaning Meanings of words in my form Measurement Meccano Memory Mesa phenomenon Message Metagnosis Metastability Metric Metron Mind (individual) Minimum Model Modification Money Moulding Multinomial Multistable reserve Multistable system Myotonia congenita N Natural selection Natural system Nearness Needle Neighborhood (in topology) Neon Nerve (peripheral) Network Neuron Neutral point (of equilibrium - including 'cycle', 'region' etc.) Newton's law Niche (ecological) Nirvanophilia Nod Noise Non-linear systems Noyau-relation (Riguet) N-tuple Null-function Number O Observable Observer Odd-one-out One-one-one relation Operational principle Operational research Operator Optimum Order Organisation Originality Orthogonality Oscillation Osty's Law Outcome Output Oyster P Pain Pallium Pandemonium (of Selfridge) Parachute Paramecium Parameter Parkinson's Law Part Part-function Partition Partly ordered set Parts Pattern (in general) Pay-off Pendulum Perceptron Percolation Permutation Phantom limb Philosophy Phrenology Pianist Pin table Pinch Plan Planet Plasticity Play Pleasure Politics Polystable Prediction Pre-fabrication Primary operation Probability Problem Problems Product set Program (of computer) Projection Proof Property Proposition Protocol Protomorphism Protoplasm Proxy Psychiatry Puzzle Box Q Q Quantum theory Question Quotations Quotient machine R Random Random numbers Randomiser Rank Reactions Reality Receptors Recognition Rectangularity Reducibility Reduction Redundancy Reflex Reflex, conditioned Regulation Relation Relay Remember that this index exists for my reference. The proper way of writing up the subject is probably very different. Remembering Reproduction Requisite Variety, Law of Resemblance Residues (of congruences) Resolution of physiological states Resting cycle Resting state Retina Retroactive inhibition Reversible process Review Reward Reynolds' number Rotation Rubin and Sitgreaves' set of transformations S Sample space Sampling distribution Scale Schizophrenia Science Searching Second Law (of thermodynamics) Secretary Selection Self-awareness Self-describing system Self-locking system Self-preservation, instinct of Semi-group Senility Sensation Sense organs Sentence Sequential machine Serial adaptation Servo-mechanism Set or Ensemble Shorthand Signal Silo Silting Similarity Simplicity Simplification Single-valued Size, effect of Society Solipsism Solution (to a problem) Sommerhoff's formulation Source-controlled regulation Space-time Species Specification Spectacles, transforming Speed Speed (of adaptation) Spontaneous generation Spraying Spreading operator Squeedunk Stability Stable set Standing Orders State State-determined system Static Statistic Statistical mechanics Steady state Steam engine Step function Step-mechanism Stimulus Stirling numbers Stochastic processes Strategy Structure Sub-goal Subjective Subset Substitution (mathematical) Sub-system Success Supplementation Survival Switching Symbolism Symbols Sympathy Synapse Systems T Table Tabula rasa Talandic Teleology Tensor Theorem Theory of Thermodynamics Thing Thinking Threshold Tilde Time Topology Trace reflex Traffic principle Training Trajectory Transducer Transfer function Transformation Transient Transition Transition probability Translation Transmission Transmission ratio Trap Treatment Trial and error Triunique Truth Turing machine U Ultrastability Uncertainty analysis Unconditionality Unconscious, the Unit Universe Unobservables Unsolved problems V Vacillant Valve Variable Variety Vector Veto Vicious circle Vigilance Virus Vision Visual cortex Vital variables Vorticella Vulnerability W Waves Whole Why ...? Z Z-transform Zato-coding Zero