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Equilibrium dominant root
Higher geometry of fields and matrix theory [18]: Test for stability by dominant root, 2072.
Summary: Effect on latent roots of adding constant to main diagonal, how to move all latent roots to right or left, and a new test for stability.
Homeostat design
Isomorphism making machine
2072 2073
Homeostat design
Isomorphism making machine
Summary: Simple units with output a linear function of the inputs are sufficiently general provided we can control also their general speed of working.
2082 2083
Homeostat design
Isomorphism making machine
2094 2095

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Homeostat design
Steady state Bunsen burner, waterfall
2132 2133
Homeostat design
2160 2161
Summary: A number of interesting points from Richardson's book.
Homeostat design
Isomorphism making machine
Natural Selection [48]: Homeostasis = constancy = independence, why the latter? 2181. Answered 2314, to preserve the gene pattern.
Summary: The various "constancies" of the body, so carefully maintained (homeostasis), are also separations and independencies. This needs further investigation. (See 2314)
2180 2181

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Equilibrium of homeostat
Homeostat equations etc
Homeostat stability of
2426 2427
Summary: Full equations and approximations of the machine. (see below).
Homeostat circuit
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2431 2432
Homeostat works
2435 2436
Linear system feedback and oscillations
Oscillation in linear system
Summary: If there are no feedbacks, a linear dynamic system cannot develope steady oscillations, but more general systems can.
Homeostat possible bias
2447 2448
Computing machines
Computing machines To work as homeostat
Homeostat copied by ACE
2521 2522

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Broadcast on 29 Dec 1948
Homeostat faster model
2561 2562

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Forcing a variable forcing homeostat
Homeostat shows conditioned reflex
Reflex, conditioned on homeastat
2749 2750
Bit (= binary digit) quantities in speaking etc
Homeostat new possibility
Information quantitative examples
Delay (in substitution) and oscillation
Society [30]: Oscillations in fly population and its cause, 2784.
2783 2784
Homeostat equations etc
Summary: Serial learning.
3005 3006

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Campbell's theorem
Degenerance, in system definition
Epistemology Campbell's theorem
Observable Campbell's theorem
Chess 'super' moves
Homeostat variety on switches
Information on uniselectors
Summary: Statistical mechanics.
3607 3608

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Homeostat variety in fields
Summary: Information in the field and in the equations of an absolute system is S log S. 3695
Summary: The homeostat's amplification factor is less than x1, but I was the first to point this out.
Design amount of
Natural Selection [6]: Selection in stages can reduce the time from 2p to P, 3662.
Summary: Again the necessity for achieving success by stages.
3661 3662
Absolute system origin of
Summary: The absolute system does not imply a group. 4033
Homeostat equations etc
Summary: An absolute system is a selected projection of the world-lines. 4038, 4043, 4292
4030 4031

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Homeostasis in homeostat
Homeostat two regulators in
Levels in homeostat
Regulation in homeostat
Markov process / chain in machine
Summary: All regulations are included in the Markov chain's progression to an absorbing state. [deleted] 4676, 4678, 4683, 4695, 4701
4660 4661
Initial state in regulation
Summary: Regulation when several inputs disturb.
Homeostat variety via relay
Relay regulation via relay
Transient in regulation
4682 4683
Searching variety in
Summary: In information, the point of view of the element is very different from that of the set.
Homeostat its discontinuous 2nd order process can be changed through intermediates to that of thermostat
Markov process / chain can be modified to give a field
Regulation discontinuous and continuous are related
Trial and error relation to continuous stability
4694 4695
Homeostat and Markov process
Joining two Markov chains
Markov process / chain building 'machine of'
Summary: Markov chains as component parts for building a machine. 4703, 4770
4700 4701
Homeostat quantity of design in
Summary: A determinate machine, with single-valued field, can be formed only by supplying variety of n log n bits. 4722
Homeostat flow of variety in
4704 4705
Homeostat as designer
4716 4717
Amplifier homeostat as
Homeostat amplification in
Summary: Regulations at various levels reduced to standard and common form. 4737, 4906
4722 4723

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Amplifier homeostat as
Homeostat amplification in
Relay design of
Summary: The homeostat does amplify. 4794
Dynamic system dynamic system that "designs" another dynamic system
Machine designed mediately
Machine that designs machine
Epistemology [37]: Machine that builds a machine 4793.
Summary: Designing a machine to build a machine. 4808 (top), 5070, 5072
4792 4793
Homeostat amplification in
4806 4807
Homeostat theory of
Independence as non-transmission of variety
Variety and independence
Summary: "Independence" is a special case of "incomplete transmission of variety".
4882 4883
Absorbing state, in Markov chain coupled
Markov process / chain ultrastability in
Ultrastability with Markov systems
Veto in Markov machine
Summary: On identifying an optimum in a set.
Homeostat other forms of
Ultrastability with mixed systems
Summary: Equilibrium in coupled Markov systems.
4904 4905

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Machine has two aspects
Summary: Why build a regulator?
Homeostat theory of
Unsolved problems [16]: Represent this by a pay-off matrix:- the case when the disturbance is compound and one component varies only occasionally. 5075.
Unsolved problems [17]: State the thesis that "selection forces adaptation" in terms of disturbance and regulation. 5075.
Summary: A machine embodies a transformation and, in addition, may act repetitively.
Summary: Two problems.
5074 5075

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Field (of substitution) of homeostat
Homeostat confluants of
5852 5853
Homeostat Vienna model
Summary: Fully joined systems must be known k steps back if k variables are unobservable.
Inscription and ultrastability
Ultrastability and inscription
5876 5877

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Homeostat conditioned reflex on
Reflex, conditioned on Homeostat
Genius Dickens on
Summary: Dickens says eloquence comes from thinking about the subject.
6338 6339

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Homeostat Grodins' book
Servo-mechanism biological
Summary: A practical way of getting fairly long trajectories with all ending in states of equilibrium. 6485 says joins need not be invariant in time.
Constraint analysis
Cylindrance introduced
Summary: The start of Relation and Constraint Analysis. 6467, 6473, 6476
6464 6465

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Summary: Outline of method giving work for the next twenty years. 6767
Homeostat conditioning in
Reflex, conditioned on Homeostat
6744 6745
Summary: Double Insistence.
Homeostat conditioning in
Reflex, conditioned on Homeostat
6760 6761

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